DEmo hole

Welcome to DEMO HOLE..... this is where I can express myself freely....  just w-rite record and release.... 

Sing and swing in every direction possible. Enjoy....x


DEMO 1: I'd like to introduce you to "Red Lights".... the backing track was sent to me from my hero David Sanderson to see what top line and lyric I could muster and the "first demo" below was the result. I was happy, so was he.... it was left there. After many years I kept coming back to it. It really means something to me. I finally recorded it with Ross O Reilly, mixed it with Alex Evans and master it with Jon Astley which gave "the end result". My intention was to release it under "KEYHOLE" but something went wrong so now it's locked away in The Secret Room. When attempting a live version on guitar the other version was born. That is all.